We understand that our industry is facing many changes, as such, the pressure has never been so high to hire the right people and meet the deadlines, no matter whether your projects are driven by the strategy of the board or the shareholders, or by the news regulations.

Banking and insurance transformation has been further accelerated by new competitor’s willing to be on top of things on subjects like digitalisation and fintechs, and by the need of the new generation of investors to control their investments.

neoWitan is a team made of experienced people, with at least 15 years in IT consulting and more than 10 years in the Development of Life Assurance products on the Belgian, French and UK markets.

This complementary experience and the synergy of it, gives us the full picture, and allows us to understand the changes that Banks and Life Assurance are facing, and their impacts on the IT systems, the operational areas and the products.


Sourcing : for our clients, we also act as headhunters. Our experience in the Project Management and Product Development has given us a cross knowledge of many areas such as Operations, IT, Legal and Compliance, Marketing, Sales. The profile is determined with our client and neoWitan will proceed with a complete reference check and preliminary interview for all candidates.