The full picture:

We strongly believe that understanding our client’s business in its full picture is essential.

In a nutshell, we also want our experts to fully understand the key aspects of our client’s business and products (such as contracts and minimum Legal requirements, PRIIPS, MIFID for our clients acting in the Financial industry).

Our transversal expertise of the Industry allows us to identify and select the experts with the appropriate knowledge and behaviour.

Quality rather than quantity :

As part of our staff development and follow-up strategy, we aim to coach our experts on the technical and business side if needed.

The brand is our expert’s one, they adhere to the values of the company and understand it’s objectives.

Win- win :

We need to both profit of it !  A collaborative strategy and conflict resolution process that aims to accommodate all participants.

Review meetings and evaluations between our clients and our Manager on charge of the Business Development are also part of the process.


The etymology of “Witan” can be found in various Indo-European languages. In Frankish, it means driving or accompanying, whereas in old Anglo-Saxon term, it expresses the knowledge or the wisdom.

neo : new           

witan : parliament of king, consel ; advice to the king (cf. Witenagemot) – wikipedia