GDPR is a key concern for NeoWitan’s customers. GDPR has replaced check box compliance by involving the board. At neoWitan, we believe that proactively managing GDPR requirements is one of the main pillars that supports a strong and stable business. Leveraging over a decade of experience in providing  consulting to leading enterprises globally such as banking, retail, financial services and more, NeoWitan helps them enhance their cyber security postures with the best quality products and services available.

We have been working with InnoSec for the past year and are excited about their GDPR solution using their STORM product. InnoSec’s STORM is a cyber risk management and decision support application that provides a privacy impact and risk assessment and compliance management module for GDPR. STORM is easy to use, adaptive, dynamic and secure.  It allows us to demonstrate the system requirements for GDPR by measuring the confidential and integrity of the systems and risk of the technologies that process privacy data.

Cyber risk is a complex area that requires data from internal metrics including the effectiveness of the cyber security tools, the inherent risk and the residual risks. Typically, and mistakenly, cyber risk is defined in terms of vulnerabilities and not the business processes and assets of the organization. Cyber risk management cannot be based solely on external data such as loss events, or industry, nor can it be based on vulnerability management. InnoSec has recognized this and has worked to develop a solution which deals with Cyber risk management through a combination of disciplines from both Operational Risk and Information Security.  InnoSec is the only company that fully understands this and creates products that address this most urgent need.

There is a great need for this type of GDPR technology from our customers globally, especially in the EU.  We are keen to support InnoSec achieving the Horizon 2020 grant as we see this as an opportunity to solidify InnoSec’s capabilities to work in the EU.


Olivier Reichling, Business Development Manager at neoWitan

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